Villas Caribe is a luxury travel brand offering top quality vacation villas for rent
throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii.

Try before you buy

A limited selection of our luxury property rentals are for sale. We are happy to furnish property inspection reports, rental history, expense overview and client testimonials. What is more, we offer you the ability to enjoy your potential investment prior to finalizing your purchase agreement.

Seasoned Professionals

With over 20 years of luxury property rental experience, Villas Caribe knows our markets and our inventory intimately. We know what markets are hot and where potential investors should exercise caution. In addition, we have experience in over 50 vacation destinations. We are happy to make introductions to the top local real estate agents. Bottom line, if you are looking for an income property, we know the property profile that is a recipe for rental success.

Fraction Ownership

Many potential buyers would love to own a slice of paradise, however, they just cannot justify the expense based on their busy schedules or wish to have a lower cash outlay that more appropriately matches their use of the luxury property. We feature an entire division called SandCastles with industry leading fractional ownership expertise. Please visit the following site for more details:

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